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Invalid Links Generating Traffic - Last 30 Days ?????

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by Camay123, Jan 7, 2013.

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    i have increasing clicks under this stats "Invalid Links Generating Traffic - Last 30 Days" in commission junction

    does this mean im possibly loosing money ? Not sure the reason foir invalid links and how to correct it.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Camay123, Jan 7, 2013 IP
  2. BTBTX

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    Driving Traffic to Invalid Links

    How do I know if my links are still valid?

    At times, links that you have posted on your web sites may be no longer available or used by an advertiser. It is important to regularly check for links that are no longer valid and replace them on your web sites to ensure you continue to drive commissionable traffic.

    From the Home tab, click "Review # clicks from invalid links" which is located in the Tasks section.

    Reasons for Invalid Links
    • Deactivated Advertiser - When an advertiser is deactivated from the Commission Junction network. You should remove links immediately and replace with active links.
    • Relationship Expired by Advertiser - When you are expired from an advertiser program, you have seven days to remove that advertiser's links. After that time, the links will still direct users to the advertiser's site, but no tracking will occur and that means no commissions for you! Change these as soon as possible.
    • Relationship Expired by You - When you drop an advertiser's program, you need to remove that advertiser's links immediately as they will not track activity to the advertiser's site.
    • Invalid Web Site (PID) - When you have links that reference a web site that you deleted from your account, links associated with that PID will no longer track.
    • Link Deleted by Advertiser - When a specific link has been deleted by an advertiser, you need to remove these links immediately because they will not track or credit any commissions.
    BTBTX, Feb 28, 2014 IP