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*****Introducing Our New Content Writing Service To Digitalpoint Members*****

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by fahad majidi, Jul 28, 2009.

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    what i am offering?

    - I have alot of knowledge on GAME related niches
    - Mobile phones.
    - Technology.
    - I also do blog posting

    All my articles are well researched, error free and is in accordance with the requirements of the projects that is assigned to me.
    I assure you exceptional quality and timely completion of work.FASTEST TURNAROUND TIME GUARANTEE

    Warm regards,

    fahad majidi

    sample articles


    About three quarters of a human body is Proteins. Proteins come in various types : Structural, enzymes, proteins of muscles, oxygen transporting proteins etc.
    Proteins are the way to go when a human body needs energy. Many people, in their frenzy to lose weight, stop their intake of proteins. This is essentially WRONG.
    Let us, briefly, see how important this element of our body is. Our body is primarily made of proteins. Thus, our body needs to conserve proteins in order to continue its healthy development.
    The recommended daily allowance (RDA)for an adult individual is about 0.8 gms/KG of body weight. This means that a 70 KG individual should have 56 gms of proteins. Pregnant or lactating mothers require 30 gms a day in addition to this.
    You cannot ignore proteins even when losing weight, as proteins help break that extra layer of fat that you don’t want to carry around anymore!
    So, where do we get these precious proteins from?
    Animal sources have a rich protein quality and include meat, poultry, milk, and fish whereas plant sources with lower protein count include wheat, beans, corn and rice etc.
    We’ve all heard the famous “Excess of everything is bad!”. Proteins are no exception. If our intake of proteins is higher than RDA, the excess protein is metabolized for energy and for fat synthesis. In simple English, this would mean you’d turn fatter! The excess protein is eliminated as nitrogen from the body which is accompanied by calcium excretion. You may suffer from Osteoporosis (Weaker bones, that is!)
    It is important for a healthy individual to develop a balanced diet for himself with the right amount of nutrition. With internet and other knowledge sources available, this has become easier than ever. Happy healthy life everyone!


    We’ve all been hit by a wave of fashion-savvy environment. The worst implication that could come from this particular trend is the “model thin” look. The ladies often indulge in the guilty pleasures of developing a stricter than strict diet plan for themselves, hoping to squeeze themselves in a size zero some day
    We seldom realize the shortcoming of the deed.
    The first evil down that road is anorexia. Anorexia could be defined as “reduction in food intake due to abnormal psychic state in which a person loses the desire to eat”. The cabbage soup diet is one crazed way to go about weight loss. Anorexia also causes aversion to food. That in itself is a disaster! Imagine never loving your burger (may not be the healthiest of food, but we all have our indulgences) the way you do!
    Other condition could also be nausea from the mere presence of food.
    Weight loss is not always unhealthy, but the urgency to fit into those Bling dresses may cause many of us to undertake extreme practices. That is where all the unhealthy talk comes in.
    Such weight loss simple takes color away from your life. You’d feel lethargic as your body does not have enough energy to go about its routine. It also takes the spark from you. Tiredness, irritating mood swings, and depression can all surround you if you don’t watch your diet well.
    We have to realize, that sometimes, it is better to wear life with a few extra pounds than to give it all up for a drab size zero. No one denies the preference of a well-rounded over model-thin anyway!


    Gta 4 is one of the most anticipated games from the GTA series. One of the reasons for this are the brilliant Teaser’s put up by Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games has finally released GTA 4 but which has come out not only as a game, but a giant in the world of entertainment. But what is so special about it?

    The most important and main thing of the GTA world. You can virtually do anything. And this time Rockstar Games has added tones of new things including TV channels …yes TV channels …now gamers can access 80 different channels. And another thing Websites too… 160 of them. In it the player can also use the mobile phone to access text messages, arranging meetings and for the first time can call 911 for help or reporting something (Be good for once at least ) But the thing that makes GTA 4 unique is that Rockstar Games has included rich vivid details in everything. The second feature of this game is the Natural Motion’s Euphoria engine. This is the first time it is being used in a Rockstar Game too. This improves the civilian’s Artificial intelligence to a whole new level. And it turns the GTA world into a much real world. And for the naughty ones out there …. The civilians now do inform the police unusual activities and robberies etc...So this increases the challenge for you too. The third thing is the new realistic car system.

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2009
    fahad majidi, Jul 28, 2009 IP
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    Well i ordered 10 500 worded tech reviews from him and he delivered me 100% unique content within 24hrs of order. I am very satisfied with the job done. If you're also looking for quality articles at affordable price then i strongly recommend him.
    gauravgrt, Jul 30, 2009 IP
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    hey mate thanks for a positive response

    looking forward for long term business

    warm regards

    fahad majid
    fahad majidi, Jul 30, 2009 IP