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Introducing a No Ads, No Frills Search Engine

Discussion in 'All Other Search Engines' started by Loudtalk, Jan 6, 2007.

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    I've never seen this search engine company being discussed about so here goes..

    Amongst the many search engines which have launched recently, I have fallen in love with Gokita at http://www.gokita.com.

    It's nice simple and easy to use. It carries no ads as so it says, and returns results quickly. According to it's front page Gokita is a meta search engine (its searches Live, Yahoo and Ask). But this search engine makes your search experience look good.
    Besides all of that, it uses Snap's preview technology to allow it's users to preview search results, which I think is a good thing. Well other than that, Gokita creates result clusters to allow people to define their search. I would say that their clustering technology is adequate, but not as good as Clusty.com.

    Overall I like using the search engine because it's nice in design, quick, and simple meaning it gets the results without ads anywhere near my results or in my results and allows me to preview the search results before clicking on it.

    So does anyone know more about this search engine? What do you think about it?
    Loudtalk, Jan 6, 2007 IP