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Internal server error 500 when submitting any form!!!!

Discussion in 'Drupal' started by Avatar7, Apr 26, 2010.

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    I've been having a certain issue with it for like 2 months now. All form fields produce a 500 internal server error, whether it is the search form, the contact us form or even the login form!! The site is pretty useless now and I tried several solutions to no avail.

    The thing is the site works fine whenever I make a major change to it. For example, when the error first showed i backed the database, deleted it then restored from the copy and everything worked fine...but only for like an hour then the error started appearing again. I also upgraded to the newest release of Drupal and following this the site worked fine ,but again for like only an hour then the error reappeared.

    I contacted godaddy -my hosting- and they checked and said that the problem is not from their side. I tried removing the webform module which I used to build my contact us form -using my FTP since I can't log in- and the error was still there. I switched to one of Drupal themes instead of my Artisteer made theme and still nothing.

    I just want to know whether the error is from my side or Godaddy's side and whether anyone can help me with that. It's really weird that the site works fine after major changes/updates then out of the blue things just go wrong!!
    Avatar7, Apr 26, 2010 IP