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Internal and External Security when Online Shopping

Discussion in 'Security' started by alversia, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Security is most important when someone is surfing the internet. All aspects must be considered, both internal and external. Internal means is you or your friend, while the external is a hacker. For the problems of online shopping, You must always attention very well some aspect that is the following:
    • Make sure the website you are visiting safely.
    • Shop at a common site, for example, Amazon.com.
    • Make sure you always read the site's Purchasing Policy.
    • For the payment type, use the secure and able to maintain your confidentiality of finances.
    • Never open an adult site when you're opening your payment site or when you're shopping online.
    • Always keep your password lengthy with numeric numbers or case sensitive
    Maybe, this is just a few of the ways to Online Shopping securely. Many other ways that can be used.
    alversia, Aug 14, 2012 IP