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Interface for user registration and file upload

Discussion in 'PHP' started by bocahavoc, Jan 9, 2009.

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    I'm designing a site completely in CSS/HTML but my client requires an interface where his own clients can:
    - Create their own user account
    - Once logged in, upload files using a simple form
    - Check project updates (doesn't matter how. Could be using snapshots of their work and simple messages)

    It is important, of course, that every user gets assigned its own folder in the site's server so that it's all neatly organized and the client knows who uploaded what.

    Do you know any scripts that do something like this? I assume this involves mySQL but I'd like to know if you know about anything.

    Thank you.
    bocahavoc, Jan 9, 2009 IP
  2. bocahavoc

    bocahavoc Peon

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    Ok I found some ideas.

    Hotproject and Project.net
    And Joomla's ProjectFork

    I've worked with ProjectFork but it just feels a bit complicated. I could work with it, but another option would be great.
    bocahavoc, Jan 9, 2009 IP