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Intentions to communicate, to combat as a summary

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by hodeting, May 5, 2012.

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    Everybody is good, I is gold. From the last time to write articles, it also had a period of time. Diving in the Internet time, so long that float to summarize some experience.

    A friend some time ago and I chat, ask why I can in such a short time before others have been doing up key words do? My friend is playing photography industry, estimated at 20 contained the photographic circle! Technology is a fucking great rock, I look at each other and said with a smile: you shoot out scenery breathtaking true to life likeness, search engine is the same, intentions to communicate, to combat as a summary, ranking the absolute difference.

    Access to the Internet this circle also had a period of time, more time is thoroughly devoted mind in search engines and dry rack! English Chinese Google, baidu. The downtrodden is also injured all over the body, from hold to successive writing 3 months of the original article, but never included, preferably, discovered that his own website source problems, to a month to own a station is connected with K four to make your website by K, quickly make the dead come back to life, he is also a along the way. Network marketing is a big circle, from early accidentally contact SEO, now to their direction based on the rampage of our own desire to get breakthrough point! Combat sometimes before they can make their own experience the pleasure.

    Rank's behind, start to do from the foundation

    Remember he had just started to operate a station, the more time is in accordance with the tutorial said, original articles, search engine must love, so be sure to write original high articles, your site will be awesome! Day 3 articles, insist every day, fixed update, 3 months. On day 90, day 3, adhere to! Website terms, to rank to leap ~ I sit first!

    The outer chain as a stepping stone
    N years ago, there is a celebrity said: outside the chain is king, content is king. King Wang Ben is a, is equally important. Outside the station you need to diversify, the search engine is not a fool, he learned are thousands of having a high IQ engineer crystallization, garbage like something or at a distance, if you do not want your site because you casually give him to eat some things that do not clean the stomach, the final consequence or by themselves to carry. The catenary outside doing what we need is a plurality, signature, blog, classification, friendship belong to yourself in the operation site when the need to deploy the need to plan, quantitative change to qualitative changes caused by.

    Let the thoughts as a guide, make executive force as power

    Is a senior animal, the senior is because humans have relatively high thought, can go to create. A website before, you need to know is to get close to the site, to be familiar with his own each characteristics, the source of his, his structure, the contents of his, his industry. Hold some knowledge to perform, to perfect, to sum up, to ascend.

    Combat is what? His think of things sorted out, and then struggle to perform, during the experience, this is called combat.
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    hodeting, May 5, 2012 IP