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Selling Insurance Marketing Website with Revenue

Discussion in 'Sites' started by Max Filev, Feb 22, 2014.

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    Selling GetInsuranceQuotesFast.com website and publisher account on Commission Junction. The website generates on average about $1250 per month. The CJ account has been active for about 1 year and it generated about $8500 total during that period. I will transfer the entire account with the sale of this website to the buyer. You can easily update new account holders name on CJ and tax info without having to fill out any paper work, so the publisher account transfer will be completed without hassle upon delivery. All you will have to do is enter your bank account info or mailing address where you would like to receive your check. There is about $2700 currently pending in publisher commissions so please keep this in mind when placing your bid. These funds will go to the new account holder around the 20th of next month. Due to the account history on CJ you will have access to many more advertisers that are usually not available to new accounts. If you have more websites you will be able to get lucrative offers from popular advertisers that are locked out to any publishers that did not develop an account track record which usually takes years. This acquisition is a break-through for any new publishers that are having a hard time getting their foot in the door. This type of account history can open doors for you at the bank if you are trying to get financing for your web business and help you expand your business. The website GetInsuranceQuotesFast.com is geared to converting auto insurance traffic into leads. As part of the package, I will include the traffic source where I buy traffic from for this website. You will have all your traffic needs paid for till 2015 for this website. I will include the traffic agreement/contract in the package, in which I already pre-paid for the traffic for the entire year. After that you can sign a new agreement or search new traffic sources. The agreement allows you to increase traffic volume, or you can receive your entire years supply in a shorter period of time. This traffic is targeted towards auto insurance shoppers so you will not be able to find a source like this on your own. The seller that I buy from established a network of insurance agents across USA that ask visitors to their office who did not buy from them, to his website (which forwards traffic down to each sub-advertiser) and fill out an auto insurance quote and purchase that policy if it is better than what they currently have. You won't be able to find traffic like this on your own because traffic like this only goes to friends and associates and there is never any need to sell it by advertising, there is usually not enough to go around to the people buying. This traffic source will be included in the package so you can continue the revenue on the website. Another benefit to this traffic contract in the package is that due to business relationship that spans several years, you can tap the traffic on credit basis; so if you start up a new insurance website and you cannot afford to pay for traffic right away you can order 3 months of traffic for which you will pay for at the end of the 6 months. This way you will definitely never pay for any invalid leads and will have the opportunity to generate the cash flow necessary to pay for the traffic. By including the traffic source in this package that allows a line of credit on services you will have the opportunity to grow your internet business in a way that you might never have the chance to do so again. I am offering to let you work with my vendors that are interested in investing into you growing your web business from scratch so that you can establish your base well enough to become a permanent large volume order client in the future. The only way to buy traffic online is from trusted sources that spent decades working on laying the ground infrastructure as referral points where people refer visitors face to face, this includes a certain level of trust and loyalty which generates traffic at an economically feasible level and a genuine response lead (for example the visitor gets a call from the office assistant as soon as they get home to visit the requested website). Companies like Google buy any junk traffic and mix it with traffic from a few popular websites and charge buyers based on buyer vs buyer bid wars instead of actual traffic value, it is impossible to ever buy traffic that will convert into leads at a profitable enough rate for you to generate positive cash flow as a publisher on affiliate networks like CJ. You need to know people that spent all their 20s and 30s going office to office and establishing business relationships as referral points. These are usually developed under multi-level marketing pyramids, but even though their business concept fails the network they set-up is valid and should be exploited by web publishers.

    I am also willing to accept a share in your web business in exchange to a share in GetInsuranceQuotesFast.com web business at an even exchange value rate. In other words I am willing to sell only a share of the business which will give you access to the CJ account and my traffic sources and the advertising space on the website itself. I can accept cash or whatever you can offer which is of same value.
    Please PM me if you have any any questions.
    Max Filev, Feb 22, 2014 IP
  2. grafx77

    grafx77 Well-Known Member

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    Good lord.....nobody can read your description. You need to format it with paragraph breaks and.........simple english formatting.
    grafx77, Mar 6, 2014 IP