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Selling Instant profit GUARANTEED!

Discussion in 'Services' started by Matthew Sayle, Sep 30, 2015.



Instant Pay:

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    Do you know any other service on any other platform that guarantees INSTANT profit by simply pressing 'buy now'?

    You are buying so much more than just a simple service here.

    You are buying a mentor, a partner, a coach... I will force you to make money!

    With this service, there is no option but to make money - Let me show you how!

    There is no catch here. Let me show you how it works...

    When you purchase this service. I am going to contact you to get to know your likes, interests, hobbies, etc.

    We are going to find the perfect website niche for you.

    I will then do keyword research in that niche - and will register the best domain name.

    Then, I will set up a website geared towards the niche we decided on.

    Once the website is set up, it's yours! You have full ownership of it.

    You can host it yourself or I will host it for you for free.

    I can push the domain to your Godaddy account or I can manage it for you.

    However, we're not done yet...

    We will pick a time each week to chat online for 5 - 10 minutes.

    During these meetings, we will discuss the performance of the website and I will give you the goals for the next week. We will continue to move towards profitability.

    Nothing I tell you to do will take more than 15 - 30 minutes per day and won't cost any money.

    In 3 months, you will have 2 options...

    Keep the site for yourself
    sell it to me for $66.00.

    So, when purchasing this service - you INSTANTLY make a 20% profit, no questions asked!

    Should you decide to keep the site, you can do whatever you want with it. It's yours!

    We will work at whatever pace you're comfortable with and I will help you with areas in which you struggle.

    We will become successful together!

    Special Note:

    Since this is such a personal service - I have developed a list of Digital Point members that are not eligible to purchase this service. Why? Well... I just don't like you.

    If your name is on this list, I will politely refund your money and explain that I don't wish to work with you at this time.

    Please don't take it personally, maybe we can work together in the future - just not at this time.

    Matthew Sayle, Sep 30, 2015 IP
  2. oguzzarslan

    oguzzarslan Greenhorn

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    How much the cost of this sevice?
    oguzzarslan, Oct 2, 2015 IP
  3. Matthew Sayle

    Matthew Sayle Prominent Member

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    The cost for this service is $55.00 and you can find the BUY NOW link at the top left of this thread

    Matthew Sayle, Oct 2, 2015 IP
  4. alexanderagnes2

    alexanderagnes2 Peon

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    hello I am a new member. can I buy from you?

    How will you be able to stay by your guarantee? thank you
    alexanderagnes2, Jun 5, 2016 IP