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Incorrect test verification amount entered

Discussion in 'Payments' started by strogg, Nov 28, 2007.

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    I'm trying to activate my EFT account. I checked my bank account for test verification amount, and I entered 2 times already, account panel says "Incorrect 2 tries left. bla bla" .

    On Adsense Help Center
    "If you enter an incorrect amount 4 times, that bank account will no longer be eligible for Electronic Funds Transfer."

    I cannot verify amout, but I've entered correctly. If I entered 4 times, will bank account will block ?
    Also what thar means ;
    "that bank account will no longer be eligible for Electronic Funds Transfer"

    Am I must open new bank account ? Or can I enter same bank account details again ?

    Any advice ?
    strogg, Nov 28, 2007 IP
  2. tobycoke

    tobycoke Peon

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    What does 'cannot verify amount' mean? You don't know how much they put in?
    What currency is your bank account? Perhaps a conversion is tripping you up.
    Your best bet would be to contact Google. Don't try the 4th time.
    tobycoke, Nov 28, 2007 IP