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Selling In Content Blog Link Building Packages To Fit Every Budget (PR1-PR5)

Discussion in 'Services' started by sameer_reddy, Oct 8, 2010.

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    I am offering blog link building packages. These are not blog comments. They will be links embedded within posts. What we will do is

    1. Collect keyword and URL information from you
    2. Write one unique article for your keyword with a link
    3. Post it on our PR1-PR5 blogs.

    Note: We do not spin contents. Only unique contents are made.


    10 links from 10 different blogs- $50
    20 links from 20 different blogs- $80
    30 links from 30 different blogs- $90
    40 links from 40 different blogs- $120
    50 links from 50 different blogs- $150

    2 review copy on package 1 for 35$ each.

    If you think these are costly, here is my explanation

    1. I guarantee that these links will be indexed even without any backlinks to them
    2. They are all on different c class IP's
    3. They have minimum PR of 1 and max of 5
    4. They are all unique contents and not spun
    5. These are good quality blogs which have high level of editorial integrity. We never link to any site that will be deemed as a bad neighborhood.

    I know there are many cheaper services out here. But just go through their blogs and see how many of them link to viagra and similar spammy sites!!!
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
    sameer_reddy, Oct 8, 2010 IP
  2. nicolasthun

    nicolasthun Guest

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    can I get an a few example blogs?
    nicolasthun, Oct 9, 2010 IP
  3. sameer_reddy

    sameer_reddy Peon

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    Sorry we do not give out the blogs. However you can either take a review copy (1 more available) or wait for the review to appear.
    sameer_reddy, Oct 9, 2010 IP