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Importance Of Designing Website more or less Content

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Lara Kundar, Apr 18, 2013.

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    For Complying the client’s needs, by researching the market competition trends, and make sure the user experience is superb and are some of the key factors on that designer have to spotlight on. Escaping from any of these points can put them into anxious waters. Thus, to avoid objectionable outcomes, going for page content, Designing of Website is the Key better thing to implement.
    When we have a discussion about designing websites reflecting the contents, the aim should be on preparing and ready the content (images, text, and structure idea) in hand before even foundation the website structure. Many senior web designers start the designing work after detail discussion about the project with client, without preparing the quality content that should be come. If you have design very good site but the content is unpleasant and doesn’t hold the attention of the visitors, even if the content is of good quality and not related to nature of site or product. Moreover, top search engines giving respected mass-age to high density contents and user experience, related contents would indirectly affect your SE rankings.
    Finally: The right approach as soon as working on a content of a website design goes relate to this will less beneficial.
    Importance of Site Content Before Designing Site Structure: If you want to design sole website, in hand ready the content before beginning the design is the main key. It is not a just to get good and related content for best practice but even you have easier the job of a designer. As a Web Designer, you get a clear approaching on about the website is all about, and behalf of you can apply colors, layout, theme and other options for the website that would be a foil for the contented effectively.

    Utilization of Extra tabs: At that time when you’re starting out the web design work, be careful when using tabs try to use at very necessary places on the website. At you don’t have required suitable content for it. Client provides you site content which just has one paragraph on it with the company info and services offers, you should decide on for a single page website design because creating un wanted pages of website without content would show bad response on the site users. Blank pages make the website look recreational, and to shun leaving such an intuition do away with un wanted pages and blank tabs. If client has agreed to manage a blog option or a services page here, but don’t have content yet, your practice is not to create blank tabs or pages and should not create any page with the name ‘Coming Soon or Under Construction messages. Even, you can create pages later time when the content is ready.

    Get Experience From Duplicated or Similar Contents: Duplicate or copy paste from other website contents are very dangerous for any website owners who want to marketing their website and optimizing on SE even illegal too. Best practice to always write your own content relates to your services and products. My experience is even you are going write your product description then you should also write your product description also don’t use the existing description wordings.

    Offer Clients and Visitors to Add Their Contents/Suggestions/Testimonials: Benefits of attractive and unique contents for a website site and more important when you promote your brand or services. You should need targeted audience. Website content should be in text and images. Blank pages showing bad impression even if you have design very eye catching website but have content bad then the result of conversion from the visitor will be poor. From marketing point of view you must have that kind of content like engaging, interesting and catching visitors to read. When the visitor will be agreed to read then the chance of conversion will be very high. The common sense people are reading when they think the content are interesting and informatics. So, Keep in your mind when designing any website you must discuss with your client about the site content first before starting any designing even structure of website.

    I have seen many success full companies who are following these things as a professional and Smart IT Solution LLC Abu Dhabi is one of them who is not just following but also included these points in their company policy and part or website designing process in Dubai.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2013
    Lara Kundar, Apr 18, 2013 IP
  2. rajnish

    rajnish Greenhorn

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    Nice information shared by you,Yes informative content and attractive design is primary requirement of a website.
    rajnish, Apr 18, 2013 IP
  3. rypher21

    rypher21 Active Member

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    Yes, design and contents should really be considered when creating a website. This is really informative. Thanks for posting.
    rypher21, Apr 18, 2013 IP
  4. creativewebmaster

    creativewebmaster Active Member

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    Good information :)
    creativewebmaster, Apr 19, 2013 IP
  5. Lara Kundar

    Lara Kundar Peon

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    Also i need comments from you guys about this website. Web Design Dubai http://www.DesignWebDubai.com
    Lara Kundar, May 1, 2013 IP
  6. deathshadow

    deathshadow Illustrious Member

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    I'm sorry, but you people understood that gibberish!?! Mix of broken engrish and marketspeak does not a relevant post make!
    deathshadow, May 1, 2013 IP