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I'm banned on Instagram from showing up for any hashtags, what to do?

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by lisawinter, Jul 15, 2017.

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    I don't spam, I don't use any software or other tactics, I post once a day, I'm using Instagram for my business so I'm not posting anything inappropriate, and it's a business account.

    I am banned from showing up for any hashtags, confirmed by friends and Facebook support. My username is banned as a hashtag, and if you search Instagram for my username it shows up in the very last place, even though it did not before. My username is my trademarked business name.

    My business name is banned because "the community" posted "inappropriate" content and tagged it with my business name.

    (Facebook support was helpful but they couldn't do anything for my Instagram account except refer me to their help article, which was not helpful.)

    So I started checking all my hashtags this morning and I found one so far that I've been using that's also been banned apparently, it's a tag that girls use that means "cute clothes" and it's not inappropriate in any way or it shouldn't be.
    So do I go through all my 100's of posts and delete all the hashtags just to be sure I'm not using any other banned tags? Do I delete all my posts and start over?

    And why is this happening? If people are using hashtags on inappropriate content then shouldn't they be banned? Not innocent people who also use the tags appropriately?
    lisawinter, Jul 15, 2017 IP
  2. robyries

    robyries Well-Known Member

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    So what the hashtag then..?
    robyries, Jul 17, 2017 IP
  3. Patricia Ann Lee

    Patricia Ann Lee Active Member

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    Maybe someone reported you? I'm not sure though I'm interested what's that hashtag is?
    Patricia Ann Lee, Jul 17, 2017 IP
  4. lisawinter

    lisawinter Greenhorn

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    My business name is just two words put together to make one word, there is nothing inappropriate or offensive about it in any way. It's a registered trademark, the trademark office doesn't register offensive names.

    Also, Instagram actually helped me set up my account in the first place (there was an old abandoned account using my trademark as their username and they helped me take over that account) so there is nothing wrong with the username/business name itself.

    The problem (I think) is that someone posted offensive content and used my username as a hashtag. Then someone reported it and instead of Instagram banning the people that posted the content, or just removing the posts, they banned the hashtag instead!

    I now see this happening on several hashtags, innocent hashtags are being applied to offensive content, if the content is reported Instagram removes the posts by banning the hashtags associated with the posts. Then any account that was using the banned hashtag is also banned from showing up for ANY hashtag.
    lisawinter, Jul 17, 2017 IP