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If You Are A Beginners in Blogging

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Munna Hossain, Jul 4, 2017.

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    If you are new in blogging. You must be serious about something really important.

    Most of the newbie bloggers make some mistakes.
    They select one niche but work with multiple niches. You must follow your niche, if you work with multiple niches, it will be hard to get a good result within a short time and you can not make your blog a brand. So work with only one niche so that people know that you are a tech blogger, blogging blogger, SEO blogger, health blogger and more.

    Another mistake is, they are very serious about quantity, not quality. But the content quality is king. If you write 10 low-quality contents, you will not get any benefit.
    But one high-quality content can take you very next level.
    You know Brian Dean, he has become very much successful with only 36 contents.
    So create only one top quality content rather than 10 low-quality contents.
    Newbies are not careful doing keywords research but it is the most important issue for the beginners if they want to get some traffic from search engines.
    If you can select perfect keywords, you have done half. Now create top quality content using your keywords perfectly.

    Success in blogging is not very much easy but you can do it if you have patience and the right approach.

    Thanks, Munna Hossain.
    Munna Hossain, Jul 4, 2017 IP