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Suggestion i were scammed for 400$ + .what to do?

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by goldmon, May 31, 2014.

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    Dear Dp Admin Mods and users,
    3 days ago i offer to someone who is in my skype 39 domains for 300$...he down the price to 250$...thats okey...250$ is good than nothing..I transfer domains to him (last deal were very strange and also big lag of payment )He say that his office manager will sent payhment shortly after few hours..but nothing..Next day i ask him what's going on with money..he say that his uncle dead and no time. This is strange because exactly day he should pay..exacty the same day his uncle dead..Till then..2 or 3 days already no responce from his. He is very know user here and blackhat forums.also have lot of sites were he offer his services...Shoud i mention here his name..skype etc? Yet 40 domains are 400$ .its not low amount for me. Domains were pr2 pr3 and pr4 with low backlinks. but its very good deal for him..and at the end..i receive nothing..
    so what to do..?To wait him to responce ot post everywhere that hi is scammer and broke his reputation?
    please give me advance...
    all are welcome.
    goldmon, May 31, 2014 IP
  2. newbie191

    newbie191 Well-Known Member

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    You are an old and experienced member. Why did you push the domains in his account without receiving money? You made a mistake... No it was a BLUNDER. Now all you can do is wait. Try to talk to him. If he doesn't have money demand your domains back. Convey to him what you CAN do. Investigate his real name social media accounts and home address phone number etc. Threat him you will tell everyone that he is a scam artist and you will inform the authorities. Call the domain registrar and inform them that you weren't paid for the domains. Other than that there is nothing else you can do.
    newbie191, May 31, 2014 IP
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  3. pilot35

    pilot35 Active Member

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    Oh man, work on your English. I can hardly understand you. Show some proof. Skype chat screenshot maybe?
    pilot35, Jun 10, 2014 IP