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i think my mail server is being used to sent spam. how??

Discussion in 'Security' started by toby, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Hi guys,
    I think my server, which also has mail server to send out email recently has setout spam mail. This is because I saw the mail by: server.myservername.com and the email address is and the message said": this is f*** test!

    how could i fix this problem or find out if the server really get attacked?
    toby, Jun 23, 2007 IP
  2. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    a few things you didn't say

    postfix or what mail server SW ?
    do you have control of your mail server - dedicated / root server ?

    if for example you have postfix
    then you have all options to prevent abuse

    make sure your mail server is just for you and NOT for others
    see: Mail relay testing
    any mail relay should be disabled! - that's done in your config - if you have root server

    make sure authentication is required and only known senders are allowed to send via your SMTP

    study and make full use of all mail server config options - example postfix options

    have a fully restrictive SPF record

    postfix is easy to secure as long as you have only known people / email addresses from your own site/domain-name allowed to use your mail server
    hans, Jun 25, 2007 IP