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I said I wouldn't again but I have to post about an infraction issue - sorry!

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Hopper, Oct 12, 2006.

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    I have just looked at my User CP and see I have been given another infraction for 'running up post count'. This is my second infraction so far.

    Now my problem is that this infraction was given for the same reason as my first infraction - running up post count BUT the post in question was made prior to my first infraction!

    So whilst I have learn't from my first infraction and NOT posted a thank you message to people who I have added my link too since, I have now received another one from before I knew that DP didn't like this.

    I may have a problem as because I posted enough to get the infraction in the first place (but haven't done since), if I can receive infractions that are in effect backdated, I could in theory get banned from posts made months ago.

    In all honesty, I have learn't so much from this site in my short space of time that I am concerned about this situation. I dont wish to 'upset' the system but I dont understand how can i get an infraction for an infringment of the sites rules and then get a further one for the same thing but a post that was made previously?

    I have no grip at the first infraction - I have learnt my mistake and acted on it but I am just concerned that the system of infractions doesn't allow for this.

    Hopper, Oct 12, 2006 IP
  2. Ohene

    Ohene Guest

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    most people dont even pay attention to the "rankings" system here. As long as your're not spamming or overtly flaming anyone, you should be fine.
    Ohene, Oct 12, 2006 IP
  3. iowadawg

    iowadawg Prominent Member

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    YAIT thread.

    Once upon a time, not too far in the distant past, it was tedious to read all the YART threads.

    Now it is tedious to read YAIT threads.

    Maybe Shawn can create a very sub-forum of a sub-forum just for those that just have to open up a YAIT thread.

    YART- Yet Another Rep Thread
    YAIT- Yet Another Infraction Thread
    iowadawg, Oct 12, 2006 IP
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  4. Hopper

    Hopper Well-Known Member

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    So don't read it! It clearly states in the title that the post is about infractions.

    The section is suggestions and feedback. I have seen what I consider to be a possible problem within the system and would like feedback on it. As a 'newbie' maybe I'm just being over sensative however, what is wrong with asking about the sites policy.

    If its wrong to ask about infractions and why they are given, why give them in the firstplace?

    As I see it, an infraction is DP saying you have done wrong - please do not do it again. In this case I accepted what DP said but then got another infraction afterwards for the same reason but from a post that was posted 2 weeks before the first infraction.

    Anyway - as these are so tedious, I will post no more on this matter.

    Thank you. :D

    Just my 2c worth.
    Hopper, Oct 13, 2006 IP
  5. T0PS3O

    T0PS3O Feel Good PLC

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    So you want us, prior to giving an infraction, to study a person's history, match posting timestamps with previous infraction timestamps, evaluate their progress, have a meeting to see if other mods have any feedback and then decide whether to give it or not?

    Do you think that would be a time efficient way of managing a forum with 30K members?

    If this is only your second infractions there's absolutely nothing to worry about for you.
    T0PS3O, Oct 13, 2006 IP