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I Need To Blast My Ads. E-Mail Them To Millions Or Something Else. Waiting For Offers

Discussion in 'Services' started by BRABUS, Jul 14, 2006.

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    I Need To Blast My Ads Not Expensive.

    Please post your offers:

    1. To send (email) my ads to millions of email addresses...
    2. To send (email) my ads to many websites (directories).
    3. To get cheap realiable targeted traffic to my websites.

    I Tried Many Services Offered By Websites
    E-Mailing To Millions
    Traffic Blasters

    All Servises Were 100% BS

    Now I Need Something Very Reliable, Honest And Tested​
    BRABUS, Jul 14, 2006 IP
  2. joepan

    joepan Peon

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    Do you have you own opt in list? If so I have a heavy duty server and emailing software that can handle the mailings. It is costly though to say the least. Give me exact details of what you have as far as emails such as number of them, what type of file it is, is it opt in etc. Also, how much you are wanting to spend. Please check prices fro services such as emailbrain.com as well as contantcontact which are very expensive. Let me know I can do it but will not that that cheap.


    I am online so you can IM me if you would like at:

    AIM: gethomeworkhelp
    joepan, Jul 14, 2006 IP