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I Need Some Suggestions about the Next Steps of learning (Programming & Designing) and Practicing

Discussion in 'Programming' started by nettacompany, Dec 30, 2017.

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    I became to know about Basic Webdeveloping tools in 2014. But I started learning web programming languages in May 2017 . So far , I have learned html5 , CSS3 , JavaScript , Jquery , Ajax and BootStrap 4. Now I have to jump in Server Side Programming Languages and my Target is PHP. But majority of people , when googled , saying that PHP is not a good choice now-a-days.

    Note: I want to create a web Application(website) for RealEstate classifieds. There are many classified websites already, but I have some different Ideas.There will be a lot of use of dataBase to store data of properties. And also I want to associate myself to this business in future.

    Although this question have many answers on the web, but I think here I can get more unique answers. So please suggest me what should i learn next .

    And Second, I want to Use Some features of Adobe PhotoShop to sell my skills on internet( e.g. on fiverr) . E.g.. I will Offer " I will Change background of your Photo" . This is the most simple and common example. What are the other ways that I can use to earn some money to fulfill my needs until I am a full Programmer
    And third , I am feeling that I am not recovering material that I am learning properly in my mind. When I look back for some codes that I have learned , some time , I feel Its is not studied by me. So what are the best ways to do Good Practice.
    Now soon I am going to create my first Website. and I want to make turorials for what I have learned . The purpose of creating tutorials is only that i want to Improve my own Knowledge As "Teaching is such a way that increase your knowledge".
    nettacompany, Dec 30, 2017 IP
  2. firas_abb

    firas_abb Peon

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    that's not true, PHP is a great programming language for web applications, I write and make web applications in many languages but PHP is the best for me, a lot of programmers hate it and I don't know why.
    You have to learn the basics of PHP and how to write a simple code, also you have to be familiar with OOP, which is an essential to be a good programmer.
    After that try some frameworks and choose the one you liked, for example: Laravel or codeigneter,...
    then make a simple website like a small blog with some pages. and try to find a part-time job, training, internship for a beginner programmer.
    firas_abb, Jan 19, 2018 IP
  3. mmerlinn

    mmerlinn Prominent Member

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    NOT true. Some of the best programmers are NOT and NEVER will be familiar with OOP.
    mmerlinn, Mar 21, 2019 IP
  4. NetStar

    NetStar Notable Member

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    Ok let's not talk about how some Nerd wrote an awesome application using functional code in C....... Odds are to day you will need to know object oriented programming... However, for a newbie starting out that's a bit further down the road.

    To the original poster: Most of the bad rep PHP gets is from the old days when it was crap code and written crappier by the crappiest programmers. A lot has changed since and PHP today is a very practical choice. Let's also keep in mind that you can write garbage code in any language. So even if someone tells you to learn node.js you can still write slow crappy code. PHP is a good choice. Any limitations of PHP will not hinder you from achieving success. And if it does... by that time I'm sure you have so much traffic and money you can pay a whole team to write your code in machine language...haha
    NetStar, Mar 26, 2019 IP