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I need some edits to my site.

Discussion in 'Design' started by neal41835, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I just bought: PADCRAZE.COM

    EXAMPLE PAD: http://padcraze.com/p/rocketsmavs2005/

    I'd like someone to make a bunch of edits:

    I want to make these edits:
    1. Simple stuff first: Make top link (PAD POST IMAGE) link back to homepage, Make a 5 star rating system like youtube or squidoo on each person's thing, make a top 100 thing like squidoo on top like this: http://www.squidoo.com/samsungtv and make a "create your own page" like on squidoo. Basically a lot of squidoo's top bar I like a lot :D. (ALSO MAKE top 100 thing so it lists top 100 by ratings)

    2. Royalties with modules like: HOW CAN I MAKE MORE MONEY?

    Every lens carries Google AdSense ads. Those are used to generate royalties for the whole co-op (ie, everyone gets a cut). If you want to increase your direct royalties, though, you should consider adding commercial modules that the visitors to your lenses will appreciate. Our top moneymaker modules include: Amazon, eBay, CafePress, and The SuperStore. Every single one of these modules generates directly attributable revenue for your lens, and we pay a royalty to you or to your chosen charity based on that income. Build good lenses, feature great stuff, share your lenses as much as possible, and earn more royalties.

    · Amazon Module probably 1st and foremost, rest of modules we can add later. Keep modules mostly on the right side.

    · Every lens carries Google AdSense ads. Put these ads on the left hand side and I would like one text one above: PadPost: Dans Fallout 3 Page! Created By: Daniel (this part) and also a 3rd one right below the LINK TO PAD POST. If you think better spots put there instead.

    3. Change the name of subdomains to stuff people can pick:

    SWITCH TO: http://www.squidoo.com/canvastotebags
    YOURS NOW: http://padpost.net/viewpad.php?padid=1

    4. Make it so front pages shows some examples?
    Like just a scrolling list of random ones people have made. Place this right above the Video Tutorial on PadPost. Also can I change that video tutorial? How did you make that movie? Because name is changing :D.

    EXAMPLE OF HOMEPAGE: http://www.squidoo.com/browse/homepage

    5. Add another link after LINKS that says "comments"

    6. Another link after LINKS that says "pad creator information" ß Make this like a choice for creator like a check box if they want to tell people about themselves. Make them be able to write a little about themselves and stuff like that

    7. Allow them to switch between layouts if you can make more layouts.


    Also I had a few things if you can do:

    Add LOGIN top thing to all of the pages, but can you make like this (check image) (OBVIOUS MAKE IT LOOK BETTER THIS IS JUST WHAT I MEAN, DON'T KEEP ON TOP RIGHT BUT RATHER BELOW LIKE IMAGE)

    Also how do I see ALL PADS? Can you make one of those listing on that login part (as well as give me admin rights to delete any pad that doesn't follow rules)?

    Also when I delete pad the number still stays there, can you make it so it is DELETED FULLY (so people can't see deleted pads that don't follow rules)?

    Also can you make pads so there is a back button between pads, so people can see other pads. It doesn't have to be BACK, NEXT, just see Random Pad link.

    Also when you "delete pad" can you make a "ARE YOU SURE" because I accidently deleted my pad and I didn't want to.

    Also can you make it so you can edit a post. Like for example: http://padcraze.com/viewpad.php?padid=20
    On that post I like the Add Text, but can you also add a way to Edit text. Like next to each "added" text section can you put Edit This Text.

    Also can you add some color to this website? Also when people add text or images, can that popup come in a new window, so when it says you can close this it doesn't close box you are on.

    Also on bottom of pages can you add a FAQs, TOS, stuff like that. I will fill them in. I just need links there.

    See how it is http://padcraze.com/viewpad.php?padid=18

    This is already linked to: http://padcraze.com/p/rocketsmavs2005/ automatically

    Any chance you can make it so it doesn't autoredirect and instead just stays as that. Also take out the /p/?


    How much would this much in edits cost? How fast could it be done? Please just write on here or PM me.

    neal41835, Nov 9, 2008 IP
  2. vkxxiii

    vkxxiii Peon

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    That really dont sound like an edit, but a lot of time, designing, and coding work.

    that could get a little expensive
    vkxxiii, Nov 9, 2008 IP
  3. neal41835

    neal41835 Active Member

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    Well I'm working with someone to get most of design done, but the other stuff doesn't seem like A LOT of work. Honestly most of site is built. I am going to update to exactly what I need once I deal w/ design guy.

    I guess I will find out. Hopefully not too much money.
    neal41835, Nov 9, 2008 IP