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I need some article writer to help me

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by SociaI, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Hello guys,
    here is my short story. I don't have much time to work + I'm pretty lazy so I have problems with earning money.
    What I found out that maybe it would be best if I would write articles. Why? Just bescause I will get money fast and I don't need to
    wait weeks or months to my video/site get ranked and I start seeing some money. So, like you see English isn't my first language wich is BIG -
    I have I will correct grammar in future. My question is. How much time you need guys to write some article? I mean completly with getting some informations about that niche, writing article, etc. and if there is any writer who could help me in start just by giving me some advices it would be awesome.
    I hope you guys won't flame bescause of my poor grammar bescause like I said I will try to correct it in future..

    SociaI, Mar 30, 2013 IP
  2. Max Filev

    Max Filev Active Member

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    You can expect to pay $0.01 or so per word and about 150 words per hour, so a full article might take 2 to 8 hours. If you do not know how to write articles these figures would be impossible for you. A professional article writer creates an outline first and uses keywords.

    If you are doing top-level article writing that involve investigating and complex analysis, you are better off writing and selling eBooks or getting a job at one of the many high paying information websites out there (instead of being a web publisher).
    Max Filev, Apr 2, 2013 IP
  3. abbe77

    abbe77 Greenhorn

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    Please check makemoneyroom.com and download the free report 'Blogging For Beginners'. This ebook has lots of tips for writing blog posts and other useful details for earning money.
    abbe77, Apr 3, 2013 IP