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I Need Help. I can't Login to My Wordpress Admin Normaly

Discussion in 'Databases' started by Crystal_Jobs, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Hey DPs,

    I was trying to find a solution to registration new users on my site; and I used an advice from a Wordpress forum to run a particular SQL query. Now when I try to log into my Admin account, the login page just returns to the regular Wordpress login and then refreshes itself.

    The initial problem I was trying to solve is that new users that register on my website get an activation e-mail that leads them to a page that asks for "activation key"; and yet nothing in the email sent to them is called an activation key. When they copy and paste the numbers on the URL for account activation, the server replies "invalid activation key"

    So, here's what the guy at the Wordpress forum posted awhile back :
    Invalid activation key errors can sometimes be fixed by running this query on your DB:

    UPDATE wp_users SET user_activation_key = '' WHERE user_activation_key LIKE '%$%'

    Be sure to change wp_users to your actual users table if you use a non-default DB prefix.

    How does this work? If the user_activation_key field is blank, WP will create a new one that's not invalid.

    I copies this and ran it on my DB. Now, I can't even log into my account. That means my users will not also be able to log into their account even though I have used a plugin to disable the need for activation e-mail.

    My site is http://afrimash.com/. I need help. I'm not an SQL expert. I was looking for a simple solution.
    Your responses will help me. Thanks.
    Crystal_Jobs, Apr 25, 2015 IP
  2. shureg

    shureg Active Member

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    You can try this solution
    shureg, Apr 28, 2015 IP
  3. bluntlycreative

    bluntlycreative Peon

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    You could just change the password recovery email through phpmyadmin, and then use forgot your password to send it there.
    bluntlycreative, Jun 28, 2015 IP