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I need a Javascript expert, quick, small and easy project!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by mioo, Dec 11, 2007.

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    Hi guys I'm having a small problem with my site.

    My problem:

    I've designed a custom WordPress theme for my new blog, everything works perfect, the only problem is that In my homepage (index.php file) I have 2 elements using javascript, one of them is SmoothGallery and the other one is used to load content into a content-box (Featured articles).

    Well the problem is that when I put everything together one of the elements using javascript stops working unless I remove the other javascript element, you know, it's aconflict between the 2 JS scripts

    Well I know that you can use more than 1 JS script in the same page, but how do I do that? Please help me, and let me know how much you charge for something like this.
    mioo, Dec 11, 2007 IP
  2. Seiya

    Seiya Peon

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    PM me the site... I'll take a quick look at it and give you a quote.
    Seiya, Dec 11, 2007 IP