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I have 2 established websites, how can i do business with them?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by ejaz ahmed, Nov 21, 2017.

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    There are many ways to make a business out of the websites, I may repeat what previous users have stated, but with some more examples added.

    1) The best way would you be to add google adsense or any other ad network out there (a-ads, etc.), this will allow you to get paid for users viewing, clicking such ads.
    2) Dropshipping would be another great option, with people looking on your site for tips and tricks, why not add products and promote them? You can bring up the margin by 100%+ and sell them to consumers. It's a great way to target your customer base.
    3) Paid ads; If your site gets a good amount of viewers, you can always sell ad slots on your site. Users can pay you to have their banner there to grow their business whilst you getting paid.
    4) Forum/Something Interactive; You could set up a forum and have many users register. You could then create ranks, name colors and other custom features and allow them for purchase. If people enjoy your forums, and you get a good amount of viewership, you could make quite the amount.
    5) Besides dropshipping, you could always start selling your own merchandise. You could put your logo on shirts, cups, and any other apparel or item pretty much out there. This will not only lead to extra exposure from people using your merchandise, but you'll also make a good profit.
    6) The simplest way, you could run heavy ads to give the website extra promotion and then sell it at a high amount. Then, it's not your problem.
    7) Hire professionals to provide courses on your side, whether live cooking shows or help keep your pet fit. Allow users to pay for viewership or a membership for multiple features. If you really feel you're a professional in the course, you could always make your own videos and do the same.
    8) As stated previously in the thread affiliate systems, with the right viewership it can make you quite the buck, but it doesn't work out all the time.
    Here are just my points on what you could do. Many of these topics may have been covered earlier in the thread, but here is just my little thought process.
    :Error404:, Dec 4, 2017 IP
  2. Patricia Ann Lee

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    Advertising ads like banners. You know adsense? If not, then I think it is the time to dig more into it.
    Patricia Ann Lee, Dec 13, 2017 IP