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I don't know what to call it. Please read and help.

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by v4vaibhav, Oct 2, 2013.

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    Hi friends,

    I have done SEO for my website http://dentalclinicinnoida.com, good enough to reach the top spot for the desired keywords. It usually come 3rd or 4th on google search. However, business is not as expected because there are some additional links (I don't know what we call them) which come before the search results (snapshot attached).

    I want my website to appear there also, but don't even know what to call them, let alone how to get it there. Please see the snapshot and advise how can I get my website there.

    Thanks a lot


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    v4vaibhav, Oct 2, 2013 IP
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    They look like the site owners have verified their location with Google - do that through the google+ page for the business. They will send you a postcard in the mail with a code that verifies that the business has a valid physical location.
    sarahk, Oct 2, 2013 IP
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  3. v4vaibhav

    v4vaibhav Greenhorn

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    Dear Sarah,
    Thanks for replying so promptly. You don't know how greatly you have helped me. I was struggling to find this since several weeks. I tried doing as you suggested, and it worked. I am just waiting for the process to be completed now.

    Thanks a ton.

    v4vaibhav, Oct 2, 2013 IP