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I can rank YT live streams

Discussion in 'All Other Search Engines' started by dbs00, Sep 11, 2017.


Interested in buying live stream viewers so you can rank faster?

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  2. No

  3. Maybe

  4. No! I do not Stream Live!

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  1. #1
    I can rank YT live streams by adding fake viewers

    These viewers are good for attracting real viewers... and for ranking your live stream.
    People tend to skip live streams that have none or just a couple of watchers but if you get 20+... than its something else.
    Also YT tends to avoid ranking Live streams with none or just a few viewers.
    When the live is over you might get views on your video as well. This isn't a guarantee, you might or you might not.

    Does wonders for live reviews, sponsored gaming streams, giveaways etc

    Would you be interested in such a service?
    dbs00, Sep 11, 2017 IP
  2. JoeSpirit

    JoeSpirit Member

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    I can't swear to it but seems to me that YT will ban your account when they find out you're doing this.
    JoeSpirit, Sep 11, 2017 IP
  3. dbs00

    dbs00 Greenhorn

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    neah, as long as your doing whitehat videos ( no hack, fake giveaways, scam videos) your fine.
    and if your doing black hat videos is a matter of "when" not "if" your getting banned.
    dbs00, Sep 11, 2017 IP