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Selling I can get you to the front page of a subreddit - massive traffic!

Discussion in 'Services' started by Lord Antares, Jun 4, 2018.



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    Hello DP forum!

    What I'm offering:

    I want to offer you a unique and spectacular traffic service. I will get a post of your choosing to the front page of a subreddit of your choosing. Yes, this includes subreddits with millions of subscribers, such as r/funny, r/videos, r/music etc.

    First off, I want to say that no bots or automation are used to achieve this. Reddit is well known for its stellar protection from botting and spamming. All of the work is done manually and I can promise that you will have no trouble with reddit or your ad network of choice.

    Not all posts are eligible for this service. Low quality, spammy posts as well as landing pages, hoplinks and obvious affiliate blog posts will be rejected. The post needs to be interesting and something the subreddit in question wants to see.

    Why this will be useful for you:

    Reddit is a website with visit numbers in the billion each month! The most popular subreddits have millions of subscibers with a lot more visits from unsubscribed people, people without accounts etc. The traffic potential from reddit is enormous.

    If you have any kind of monetized content, this could potentially get you copious amounts of money, if done right.

    Examples of this service used the right way:

    - You post a youtube video of your music on r/music with the download page/the band's website in the description. If people like it, you could get lots of exposure and sales

    - Your post a video from your funny videos channel on r/funny. This will easily get a ton of upvotes and views on your video, thus you may get subscribers and views on your subsequent videos. If your videos are monetized with adsense, this could kickstart your earnings and help you in the long run as well

    - You have launched some kind of tech gadget product and you post it on r/technology. The is one of the best possible ways you could utilize your service. Imagine that you expose a good and original product in front of millions of people. Imagine the amount of revenue you could be getting with that amount of targeted or semi-targeted traffic. You could earn thousands upon thousands in a short amount of time. This is one case where linking to a sales page would be accepted.

    - etc etc. The sky is the limit. These are just a few examples of what I think would be profitable ways to use this service. Everyone has their own vision so I'm sure there are many more and better ideas.

    The terms:

    First of all, I am offering a guarantee of hitting the front page. If you don't, I will refund your money. You are safe in that regard.

    On the other hand, I am not responsible for people's reception of your post/product. I am only responsible for getting you in the hot section of a subreddit of your choosing. While I will decline posts which I'm sure will get downvoted soon because it is not in my interest for you to spend money on what you don't need, I cannot foresee the future and thus, I cannot always tell what kind of reception a post will get. It is your responsibility to think things through and make sure you are offering something valuable; something people who visit that particular subreddit want to see.

    If your post gets downvoted and gets off the front page quickly, I still consider the service as delivered, because it only needed to hit the hot page to begin with.
    However, this should not happen if you know what you are doing.

    Trust me, it is really not hard. All you have to do is make sure you are providing quality content people wish to see and you're good. Ask yourself if you would upvote or downvote your post if you saw it on reddit. It's as simple as that.

    If you are inexperienced with reddit, don't worry. I will talk to you and I will explain things. I really don't mind discussing things with you and providing advice. If I don't think your idea will work well, I will tell you because I want to be known as someone who is legitimate, not a hustler who wants to take your money under any circumstance. In the end, it is you who decides if you want to make the post or not; no pressure.


    The price is $40 (reduced from $70) for your guaranteed subreddit front page. The price is $20 for subreddits with less than 300k subrscribers. $10 for subreddits with less than 100k subsribers.

    New accounts with no karma are known not to enjoy the same privileges as aged accounts with karma, so posting from an old account is included for free, if you so wish.

    This is truly a powerful service when you know how to use it. If you think you have a good idea, do not hesitate and try this out. If it truly is a good idea, trust me, you will get your invested money back multiple times.
    I want to thank the mods and the forum users for this wonderful and informative place. Thank you all and good luck in your IM endeavors [​IMG]
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
    Lord Antares, Jun 4, 2018 IP