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I built tool to scan your old tweets for stuff that could get you in trouble

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by August van de Ven, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Will my tweets get me fired? is a simple web app that scans your past tweets for potentially offensive tweets that you don't agree with anymore and could get you in trouble.
    A lot of people have been getting in trouble lately because of tweets they sent a long time ago. People change a lot and probably have different views now compared to some years ago. To be sure your Twitter account doesn’t contain any offensive tweets you don’t agree with anymore. That's why I made this tool. How does it work? Your public tweets will be scraped from twitter.com. Just fill in your username and wait a few seconds to minutes for your account to be scraped. You'll get a list of all your tweets that contain bad words with links to each tweet so you can do anything you want with those tweets. You'll also get a link so you can access your list later.

    I'd love to know what you think about it!
    August van de Ven, Nov 21, 2018 IP
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    That's a really cool app!
    PinterestUsers?, Nov 21, 2018 IP