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I believe this are fraud clicks, toughts?

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by EvcRo, Oct 11, 2017.

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    so i did some tests

    on a segment, on mobile , i got 4% CTR and 310 clicks, however on the website i counted 130 sessions (visitors)

    i'm sure this are fraud clicks (to big difference between clicks and visitors) but what should i do to make google give back some money?

    p.s. on a keyword i got 16 clicks from 80 displays, really google ? :D
    EvcRo, Oct 11, 2017 IP
  2. Profit Donkey

    Profit Donkey Member Affiliate Manager

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    Have you tried contacting Google Support Team on Google AdWords, explaining the situation?
    Profit Donkey, Oct 12, 2017 at 3:31 AM IP
  3. Lucid Web Marketing

    Lucid Web Marketing Active Member

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    Why does every one assume that when something is amiss that it is click fraud?
    You cannot compare visitors recorded in Analytics or any other software to what is reported in Adwords. Simply put, they are NOT the same thing.
    If you are still going to assume click fraud, you'll need much better evidence than simply pointing out that the number of visits is not the same number as clicks.
    By the way, Google has procedures in place to minimize click fraud. Chances are almost non-existent that you would find any yourself. You can even see the refund given to you so if you've been a victim, you've likely been refunded already. Some times, Google overcompensates and you get refunded even for legitimate clicks.
    Lucid Web Marketing, Oct 16, 2017 at 1:48 PM IP