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I am trying to post my website on the ODP

Discussion in 'ODP / DMOZ' started by seospecialistIndia, Jun 28, 2012.

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    I am trying to post my websites on ODP but it is not getting approved there I have tried the same multiple times but it did not get approve yet :( let me know is there any tag i have to put in my website to get approved ?
    seospecialistIndia, Jun 28, 2012 IP
  2. Qryztufre

    Qryztufre Prominent Member

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    It seems you took the time time post on a DMOZ related forum, but didn't bother to read the ODP guidelines or the stickies in this board.

    With that in mind, simply stop trying, your site is likely not worthy of being listed, and even if it was, you likely got removed for being a spammer.

    Sad as it seems, RTFM is your best bet when suggesting a site to the ODP.
    Qryztufre, Jun 28, 2012 IP
  3. Anonymously

    Anonymously Notable Member

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    You agreed that you had read the guidelines when you offered the site. Which bit of
    did you read and NOT understand?

    How many other threads did you read on here before you started a new one? Because countless times editors say the same thing, so much so that it has been written into my signature for ages.
    Anonymously, Jun 28, 2012 IP