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I am looking for a Job

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Time Code, Jul 12, 2008.

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    At the Moment, I am looking for a Job. I am Young, and Expierenced.

    Full name: Matthew
    Current age and birth date: 13 - February 21st 95

    - The current forums I moderate:
    • Phpbb3styles.com
    • CartoonBB.com (not for long)

    - The current forum's I have moderated:
    • http://www.legionofangels.net/forum
    • http://www.Noobio.com (now blog)
    • http://www.forums.freeforums.org (resigned sept. 2007)

    Experiences: I have been moderating forums and communities for about 2 years. Now although I'm young and people may think that how could a kid have what it takes to be a moderator, I would just like to stay, that most of them are wrong. It doesn't matter about age, but about maturity and how well you are at doing what you do. Moderation Type: I work on a friendly act. I try to friendly to those who break the rules. Normally If i see someone who has broken the rule, i will just go to their post "Edit" and leave a note, hoping they noticed. If in time (48 hour time limit) They don't, I will send a PM. Hopefully they'll get that. That is the first act. When it comes to the Second act I normally will do what i did earlier send them a Private Message, stating that if this continues the consequences are going to get worse. The third act is when I take this too the head admin(s). And ask for there option. If they agree, with taking something away/banning/etc then that shall be done. The Fourth Act is permanent banned in which they're IP address is blocked as well as there log in being deleted.

    Position applying for: Staff

    Why I want to join in this venture: I want to join, because being with you for a few projects I look at you as someone I want to become. In a more simpler term, I want to be as good as you, in ways that you could teach me.
    Contact Information:

    Email: Matt[at]Ruiz-online.com
    MSN: Snaggleman@Hotmail.com
    AIM: Snaggleguy

    Time I can devote to the project:
    Around 1-5 hours a day. On and Off work.
    Time Code, Jul 12, 2008 IP