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Selling I am here to help you with automating your websites

Discussion in 'Services' started by .3rok3n, Oct 19, 2013.



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    Title says it all, but let me break down things for you, the stuff i am capable to do after working online from last 6 years.
    My services are pro so please any webmaster who is stuck on data entry, or any wordpress related problems do contact me i might have some good solution for you my hourly rates are $20 but i prefer pay per project, yes i do charge fully upfront.

    - Knows WordPress, PHP, MySQLi, jQuery and designing really well
    - i can make any of your posting related stuff automated
    - can scrape data multi levels
    - work with Api's easily
    - very powerful grip on WordPress Core codes can customize it to any shape
    - lots of availability on Skype almost the whole day
    - flexible enough for your work

    Please for my demo work check out my new product which is my signature.

    Looking forward for any work, even if you want to learn you are welcome if you want to trade you are welcome.

    .3rok3n, Oct 19, 2013 IP
  2. Matagascar

    Matagascar Active Member

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    PM me your Skype - may have work for you.
    Matagascar, Oct 20, 2013 IP