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Huge unique resource from different kind of topics, But...

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by yiberkit, Jul 21, 2014.

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    I have huge unique content data from a variety of topics. There so different between each other. So, I want to add those content to my website in different categories. But you know; Website's must hold only its domain name related content and focus on one keyword not too many in order to get good SEO and traffic.
    But, if I stuck with only single word i will not get too many visitors because I dont have too many unique content for it.
    So, what I want to ask is: How can I get good SEO and lots of visitors while I holding different type of unique subjects on my website?
    How can I design my different categories for good SEO?
    Tell me please..
    yiberkit, Jul 21, 2014 IP
  2. alwaysStriving

    alwaysStriving Greenhorn

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    How different is all of your content? In completely different niches? What you could do is organize all the data into the niches it covers, then make giant authority sites for each of those niches.

    So for example if you have lots of health related articles (fitness, weight loss, supplements, etc), make a giant health site and cover all of these topics. Make sure to make it brandable (like HealthWorks.com or something) because that is very useful for SEO these days. Depending on how different your content is, you could probably get by with only making a couple of authority sites and just covering lots of different topics inside of those sites.

    I hope this made sense
    alwaysStriving, Jul 21, 2014 IP