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Selling HUGE PSP Site - 500,000 Visitors A Month - $4000 Rev Month

Discussion in 'Sites' started by lcp03o, Jul 17, 2010.

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    I am selling my most popular site I have ever owned. I dont want to post the url here so please pm me for the URL if you are seriously intrested.

    The site is a PSP forum (I believe the biggest on the internet) which had 200,000 members (We deleted 100,00 inactive users a few months back) The site

    stats are Threads: 59,251, Posts: 545,761, Members: 107,581 and runs on vbulletin. The site also has its own shop which sells accessories and other bits and

    makes lots of money (I will give the new owner the contact details of where I get my stock). The site gets around 400,000 - 500,000 visitors a month with

    about 98% comming from google.

    Rev Details are as follows

    OCT09 - Shop = $4367 Google $210 Total = $4577
    NOV09 - Shop = $3086 Google $240 Total = $3336 < Didnt Run Google adwords for 1 week
    Dec09 - Shop = $4487 Google $285 Total = $4772
    JAN10 - Shop = $2543 Google $229 Total = $2772 < Banned From Google adwords
    FEB10 - Shop = $1370 Google $198 Total = $1668
    MAR10 - Shop = $1600 Google $262 Total = $1862
    APR10 - Shop = $1036 Google $220 Total = $1256
    MAY10 - Shop = $955 Google $232 Total = $1187
    JUN10 - Shop = $869 Google $272 Total = $1141

    Why am I selling?

    I dont have any time to look after the site since I got a full time job in January. The forum does run pretty much by its self as we have many good

    moderators on the site. Also I dont own as much as I could because I was banned from google adwords in Jan (For advertising Nintendo R4 Cards on one of my

    other sites.) The new owner could own around $4000 when using google ad words on this site. I will give you access to my adwords account so you can copy my

    Tell me about the shop?

    With the shop you make just over 50% profit on each sell. You could drop ship the products and make 60%-70% profit.

    The site have potential??

    YES!!! Every now and then I get time to spend on the site and there are many ways to get more visitors / more activity on the site but I never have time to

    keep this up :(, Listed below is usually what I do

    -Hold a competition, I have held many competitions which attracts alot of new members to sign up.
    -E-Mail all the members on the site, with over 100,000 visitors we get lots of people checking back
    -Add downloads to the downloads section, the members love it when you post new files for them
    -Write guides for the site, then submit to digg / youtube / social network sites (This brings in huge traffic)

    Some stats

    Visitors 2009
    Visitors 2010

    Im looking for offers of around $50,000, ONLY PM ME FOR THE URL IF YOU ARE SERIOUS IN BUYING, Any questions let me know.


    Update : I forgot to mention, A month back I opened a new site which is related to modding all consoles, the site has around 200 custom written guides which were made by me and other members. The users are also shared across both forums so they can post on each forum and dont even need to log on a second time
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2010
    lcp03o, Jul 17, 2010 IP
  2. lcp03o

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    sorry guys this site is not available now
    lcp03o, Jul 20, 2010 IP