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https://www.chinastores.net " Review "

Discussion in 'Websites' started by bilaldz, Jun 25, 2019.


what is your opinion about this site

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    Shop From China Stores
    Discover the coolest electronics products from China stores Curators hand pick quality products with great style, amazing prices and free or low shipping.
    bilaldz, Jun 25, 2019 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    Blogspot? really? in 2019

    I didn't expect to see a "China Shop" run by an Algerian. It's an interesting niche to try to break into.
    • The logo is terrible
    • The meta tags are spammy
    • The html is poorly constructed, but that might be a blogspot limitation
    • The images are distorted
    • What's gone wrong with the popular posts list?
      And why are you calling them "posts" when they're "products"?
    • Have you even reviewed your own site? These images are such poor quality (and distorted) they should not be used on a live site. The same goes for the images you used on social media. Instagram should be your absolute best quality images.
    sarahk, Jun 25, 2019 IP
  3. bilaldz

    bilaldz Greenhorn

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    Hello Thank you for rating my site
    Yes I am from Algeria and I am the manager of this site, which is a blog where I promote the Chinese products, which I get profits for marketing
    This does not mean that I am lying to people because I leave the links of the original stores
    Thank you for your valuable information because it will greatly expand
    bilaldz, Jun 30, 2019 IP
  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    Broken attempt at accessibility, tells large swaths of users to sod off with px metric fonts and media queries, the use of light grey on white text is below accessibility minimums, your element padding/margins seem willy-nilly to the point of zero consistency, and it was painfully slow to watch load.

    That last part being typical of when someone wastes 175k of markup on delivering 2.35k of plaintext and not even a 18 content images. "real world" not even 12k of HTML's job. It's literally using 15 times or more the code needed to do what's there in HTML ALONE, before we talk the endless pointless 2.15 megabytes of JS for nothing spanning an absurd 31 files -- when I don't even see anything warranting the presence of JavaScript. About the only place it gains praise is the low amount of CSS, but that's because most of what's really going on has been derped into the HTML where it has zero business being in the first place. Between the low ping-time of the hosting and the painful 108 separate files it's hardly a shock the mess takes over 30 seconds to load here, and for some users that home page could take over a minute and a half just because of the raw number of "separate files for nothing" and poor leveraging of caching models.

    But of course it's Blogger, which just lends more credence to the notion that using these off the shelf SCAMS -- like blogger, wix, turdpress, etc -- for business is basically begging to make yourself fail.

    hell, even just a screwup like this:

    <meta content='chinese store,china shop,chinese shop,aliexpress,macivrebi,china shopping,telefonebi,internet magazia,china retail,shop pr,fexsacmelebi,saitebi ji,mymarket ge,shopping china,bull in a china shop,chinese shop,china shop,china online shopping,china wholesale,china shopping,china products,china online shop,china online shopping sites,buy from china,chinese store,shopping in china,china mobile phones online shopping,china buy online,china wholesale market,china wholesale suppliers,china online shopping international shipping,chinese online store,buy direct from china,chinese shopping sites,china wholesale electronics,chinese market online,chinese wholesale websites,china shopping online free shipping,china item,chinese website,china electronics,cheap online shopping sites,cheap online shopping,online shopping sites,from china,smartphone samsung,huawei smartphone,best smartphone,best phone,samsung smartphone,smart mobile phone,rugged smartphone,smartphone nokia,free smartphone,new smartphone,small smartphone,smartphone huawei,vivo smartphone,top smartphones,best cheap smartphone,top 10 smartphones,smartphone 4g,best android smartphone,best smartphone on the market,compara smartphone,gaming laptop,hp laptop,notebook,laptops,asus notebook,laptop asus,best gaming laptop,laptop sleeve,best buy laptops,refurbished laptops,touch screen laptop,notebook laptop,drawing tablet,samsung tablet,samsung tablets,computers and tablets,phone watch,smart watches for women,kids tablet,smart watch smartwatch,lenovo tablet,huawei tablet,tablet huawei,tablet pc,smartwatch android,tablet computer,tablets for sale,smartwatches,windows tablet,best smartwatch,best tablet,best buy tablets,tablet windows,tablet price,tablet deals,huawei smart watch,smart watch for android,smartwatch with camera,online shopping,onlinestore,online shoping,online shop,online electronics shopping,electronic,electronics store,electronic shop near me,online shopping,computer store,electronics store near me,best buy electronics,electronics sale,discount electronics,tech store,best online shopping,mi max 3,xiaomi 5 plus,mi max,xiaomi mi' name='keywords' />
    Code (markup):
    Should be enough to get you pimp slapped clear off of search for good! That's supposed to be seven or eight SINGLE WORDS that exist between <body> and </body>. The page goes downhill fast from there.
    deathshadow, Jul 17, 2019 IP