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HTTP GET name of last LIKE clicker

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by macsoft, Feb 2, 2016.

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    I'm developing an ARDUINO project that tracks real-time LIKE count on a facebook fan page. And it displays it on an LCD screen.
    I can get the number of likes on a page with an HTTP GET request like this one:
    GET api-read.facebook.com/restserver.php?format=xml&method=fql.multiquery&pretty=0&queries={%22page_info%22%3A%22select%20name%2Cfan_count%2Cpage_url%2Ctype%20from%20page%20where%20page_id%20IN%20(1554448091452211)%22}&sdk=joey HTTP/1.1

    My question is: can I use the same method to get the name of the person who last LIKED the page?

    This way, when someone clicks LIKE on the page, the LCD screen shows his/her name along with the realtime LIKE counter.
    Thanks in advance!
    macsoft, Feb 2, 2016 IP
  2. MikeEvans991

    MikeEvans991 Peon

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    Did this ever get worked out? I would love to do something very similar to this.

    MikeEvans991, Dec 19, 2016 IP