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Selling http://acaiburnberries.com - PR2 / 2.7yrs Old Looking 4 Lightening Fast Sale

Discussion in 'Sites' started by rob33, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Ok, so looking for quick sale.

    Please see screenshots attached:

    It ranks for the following KW's in Google US according to semrush:

    SEMrush stats1.JPG

    When I sent traffic to this back in 2010 through mainly articles it made about 5 sales in about 5 months with Moreniche:

    MN stats1.JPG

    Traffic like I said is minimal - here are some stats to show plus where recent traffic came from:

    SC 30 day1.JPG SC recent came from.jpg

    Finally - here are some stats from the plugin Search Taggin 2 which logs the keywords the site was picked up for:

    Search Taggin 2 ss1.jpg

    As you can see it's a landing page and does convert when traffics there.

    Acai is obviously a past trend but still gets good traffic for various KW's and competition now I'm guessing is low so will boost up the serp's with some work to the site.

    If sold:

    1. Please pay by Paypal only first.
    2. I will then push the domain to you - I'm with namecheap.
    3. Will zip up the wp files and database and put in dropbox for you 2 download.

    rob33, Mar 24, 2012 IP
  2. rob33

    rob33 Active Member

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    Oh - content on site was unique (written by me) at the time of posting.
    rob33, Mar 24, 2012 IP
  3. hostm

    hostm Active Member

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    hostm, Mar 24, 2012 IP