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howto - form with submit email

Discussion in 'Programming' started by horseygirl, Jan 20, 2008.

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    hi , anyone tell me how to add a simple submit email box.

    i just need it on a html page no php etc.

    horseygirl, Jan 20, 2008 IP
  2. AstarothSolutions

    AstarothSolutions Peon

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    You cannot realistically do this with pure HTML as it needs something serverside to actually process the form and send the email.

    It is technically possible to do it but will only work for those that use an email client like Outlook and not those that use web mail like Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail etc and when they hit submit it simply opens up a new email with the forms details and they must hit the send button on that email to send it. Plus the other disadvantage is your email address must be on the form and so email harvesting spiders for spammers will be able to pick it up.

    You can keep your form in pure HTML if you want but you are much better off having a .Net/ PHP/ ASP/ JSP etc script that the form is sent to to allow the server to send the email thus it will work for all users and your email address doesnt have to be exposed.
    AstarothSolutions, Jan 20, 2008 IP
  3. webexpert

    webexpert Banned

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    ofcourse you will need some server side scripting to send your email.. but if you just want to do this with html, then it really depends on what hosting you are using.. like godaddy is having a ready made form to send email you just need to follow their easy and simple instructions..

    so, for beginners, some hosting companies provide email web service to send email, you just would need to integrate with that server... like to put thier php page name on your form action attribute.
    webexpert, Jan 20, 2008 IP