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Hows the Design of http://ssccgl2018-2019.com?

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by vivky, Mar 14, 2017.

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    vivky, Mar 14, 2017 IP
  2. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    The vertical breaks in the first header makes it look like that should be a menu of separate links, not one giant link. The subtext below it is hard to read due to the small size and serif fonts on screen media. In fact several areas on the page have absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts since you have destroyed the functionality of %/em by declaring font-size:16px on body. In that same way the use of serif fonts on most of the content compromises legibility.

    The dark divider bars feel more thrown in there at random than planned, as does the strange indent on the paragraphs not matching the contnet mated to the LACK of padding between the sidebar column and those same content area paragraphs. The massive images in the cotnent also feel just "thrown in at random" and suck down a LOT of screen space whilst adding nothing of value to the page.

    Your outer border renders inconsistently across browsers leaving one wonder just what it is that's even there to accomplish apart from look strange/broken.

    The strange small lighter text slopped in between the content paragraphs and the "leave a comment" link feels equally just "thrown in there" and also suffers from further legibility issues. Again the inconsistent gap, inconsitent padding, and pixel measurements are really biting whatever those endlessly seemingly redundant words just stuffed in there any-old-way are trying to accomplish. If anything that part looks like keyword stuffing, and outdated black-hat SEO hoodoo-voodoo approach to site development that these days is GUARANTEED to get you pimp slapped clear off search engines for relevant results.

    Non screen-media navigation is a train wreck due to the endless pointless garbage use of "tags for nothing" that bears little resemblance to semantic markup -- see the strong+em+u inside the H3. Pointless redundant code bloat AND a tag (u) that hasn't existed in HTML since 1997. The site is riddled with endless pointless garbage "classes for nothing" and "tags for nothing" that makes it a bloated train wreck of how NOT to build a website -- hence the ridiculous 72k of HTML to deliver 9k of plaintext and six content images -- EASILY four to five times the code that such a simple page should even be using. This massive bloat is only further exacerbated by absurd 323k of JS spanning eight files and nonsensical ineptitude of 229k of CSS spanning five separate files... when I'm not seeing a damned thing that warrants the PRESENCE of JavaScript and there's no excuse for even the largest of websites to break 64k in one file per media target of CSS. A site like what you have there? I most verily doubt I'd have more than 16k of CSS to build that layout. You KNOW there's something wrong when combined you've got twenty times the CSS+JS that your image files is consuming!!!

    Of course popping the bonnet the problem is clear as day: Turdpress. Hence the static style crapped all over the markup, endless pointless classes for nothing, endless pointless DIV for nothing, allegedly structural HTML 5 tags just slopped in there any-old-way, endless pointless ID's for nothing, JavaScript doing CSS' job, comment placements that could be tripping rendering bugs, absolute URI's for no reason other than to waste bandwidth, lack of alt text on images, gibberish non-semantic use of phrase level tags, tags that haven't EXISTED for use in creating new websites since 1997, incomplete malformed forms, abusing placeholder to do label's job (and no, that show/hide a span bullshit is NOT the answer on that), static scripting in the markup...

    I'd suggest dragging that mass 'round back o' the woodshed, putting a shotgun behind its ear and performing a mercy killing.
    deathshadow, Mar 14, 2017 IP
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  3. Fascination

    Fascination Member

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    As far as what he's talking about you need to have someone put together a simple template preferable their standards or yours. Depending on what you want. Msg me for this
    Fascination, Mar 27, 2017 IP