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How would you value a past tense domain

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by digital_man, Sep 1, 2015.


Should I buy a high profile past tense domain?

  1. Go for it!

  2. You are crazy!

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    I have the opportunity to buy a past tense dictionary word domain. The present tense word it self will go for a 7 figure easily but I think the past tense version is also very relevant in this internet age.

    For example:

    post.com vs. posted.com
    like.com vs. liked.com
    tweet.com vs. tweeted.com
    upload.com vs. uploaded.com

    For example if the present tense word is worth a million dollars would you say the past tense version is good for 1/10th of that? I know its hard to value it even with knowing the name so I am just looking for some comments from members here.

    Thanks all!
    digital_man, Sep 1, 2015 IP
  2. gilescoley

    gilescoley Active Member

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    You cant tell just by the info you have here, some past tense names work ok, however most of them dont

    It also depends on what price you are looking at paying, if it was $200 for instance, I would say take the risk, if it was $2500 however, I would say be careful and make sure the word works
    gilescoley, Sep 2, 2015 IP
  3. Domain Lead Finder

    Domain Lead Finder Greenhorn

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    It all depends on the word itself. Keep in mind that if somebody already has a developed site for example upload.com and you try to sell uploaded.com, the new buyer will be thinking how he will lose type in traffic to the present tense version of that website because people are not good at remembering specifics, and the shorter the domain name is the easier it is to remember.

    Having both versions present and past tense is the ideal scenario of course.
    Domain Lead Finder, Sep 3, 2015 IP
  4. VpsAG

    VpsAG Peon

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    Most of these domains are made from few letters which are good and will always have potential for the right business you just need to have patience for the right use of those domains. Also beware that these original businesses might come after you with a lawsuit.
    If you want to start investing in domain names, you should think it as a long time investment.
    VpsAG, Sep 12, 2015 IP