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How to use MuLogin anti-detection browser?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by MuLogin Browser, Oct 20, 2022.

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    How to use MuLogin anti-detection browser to register, log in, and manage multiple Amazon, Facebook, e-bay, Twitter, PayPal, etc. accounts without detection at the same time?

    As we all know, for Amazon reviews, e-commerce platform multi-store management, Facebook, tinder, and other marketing, only one account is far from enough. Each browser can only log in to one account on the same website, while large websites such as Amazon and Facebook, there a risk control system that is quite strict. Many accounts have been banned due to the detection of associations. Many users ended up before they even started. So, is there any software that can achieve multiple registrations, logins, and management on the same computer without being detected and banned?

    The answer is YES, MuLogin anti-detection browser can realize. How to achieve it? MuLogin anti-detection browser uses virtual browser technology to facilitate users to log in and manage multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms, social media, advertising, and marketing accounts at the same time. Safe, fast, convenient, and with no restrictions to access.

    By setting a different static residential IP for each browser profile, multiple accounts can be opened. Each browser’s cookie, local storage, and other cache files are 100% completely isolated, and the browser profiles cannot leak information from each other and are completely independent. The configured fingerprint of the browser profile will always follow the account as long as it is not modified to ensure a clean and stable account environment. In this way, it is possible to prevent the account from being detected and associated and blocked because of the same browser fingerprints.
    MuLogin Browser, Oct 20, 2022 IP