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How to transfer iTunes music to mp3 player?

Discussion in 'Graphics & Multimedia' started by nickjason, Feb 7, 2010.

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    I've purchased a bunch of music from iTunes and have enjoyed listening to them on my computer. But my portable music player is not an Apple iPod, so I can't take my songs with me. I know that I can burn it but I don't have a cd burner on my computer so I need a different method. Is there any way I can get around this unfair restriction and transfer my iTunes music to MP3 player?
    nickjason, Feb 7, 2010 IP
  2. Sean-Cration

    Sean-Cration Peon

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    Did a quick search a found some stuff http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=twK&q=convert+bought+itunes+songs&btnG=Search&meta=&aq=f&oq= didn't read any of it, but it looks like you should be able to take it from here.
    Sean-Cration, Feb 7, 2010 IP