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How to structure my affiliate site(s)

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Thomas Scheetz, Apr 24, 2018.

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    So, need some advice on a affiliate site(s) I'm creating. The premise for these sites basically deal in some small niche markets. I will eventually have 30 to 40 sites and they will all link to each other. All the products are from affiliate networks such as shareasale.com, etc... Each site will list a bunch of similar products from different affiliates I belong to with a thumbnail and name of the product. This will not look like a blog site.
    I can do my site one of two ways:

    The first is, I can download a affiliate cloak plugin on Wordpress and it will disguise all of my affiliate links so they don't look like affiliate links. If I did this, I'm not quite sure if I should have a "no follow" for all the links in my robots.txt file. This process would also take a on of time to create since I would have to add each product manually to cloak it.

    The 2nd way is I could leave the affiliate links looking how they are, but I would definitely put a "no follow" in the robots.txt for each link. I wouldn't use the cloak plugin. This would save me a ton of time because the affiliate networks create the code just how I need it within seconds to copy and paste right inside my wordpress page.
    Thomas Scheetz, Apr 24, 2018 IP