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How to see that Deleted Photo!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by CraicMob, May 1, 2012.

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    So this girl on your friends list posted a nude and Saw it but didnt save it!
    Fear no more i shall teach you how to go re find that deleted photo using google chrome!

    To start type "about:cache" and you should find a hugh list of all photos/website inks etc... This might feel overwhelming but just use ctrl+f for the finder and type _n.jpg If using facebook. This looks for all the large files now its kinda of just a guessing game just highlight and click go to till you find that right photo. There you go now you have that photo that was once there!

    CraicMob, May 1, 2012 IP
  2. Michelle Tanaka

    Michelle Tanaka Peon

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    Only if you allow cache, which I don't.
    Michelle Tanaka, May 2, 2012 IP