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How To Run Scandisk On Different Microsoft Os?

Discussion in 'Bing' started by Roger Pelt, Jan 30, 2013.

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    ScanDisk is a Microsoft diagnostic utility comprise MS-DOS and Window OS series like win 95, 98 and win ME, which assures and fixes file system errors on a disk drive. ScanDisk has capabilities to perceive physical error on disk and has facilities to recuperate the same. Apart from this, it also repairs cross linked file on disk drive.

    Here we have listed steps to run this wonderful utility on your machine. Make sure you close all open programs running in your computer and start your window in Safe Mode before running ScanDisk; this will help you to prevent the loss of data in your program.​

    1) Microsoft Window XP, 2000, Vista and 7 users: To run scandisk on win XP, 2000, Vista and win 7 following steps should be considered.

    • Double click on My computer
    • Select drive and right click on particular drive for check
    • Click properties
    • Click the Tool tab and click “check now”
    • Restart your computer to take effect of Scandisk.

    2) Microsoft Window 95 & 98 users: To run scandisk on win XP, 2000, Vista and win 7 following steps should be considered.

    • Click Start
    • Click Run and type scandisk in the box
    • Click OK
    • Select the drive for checking
    • Select option “Standard” or “Through”
    • Finally, click on start button

    3) Microsoft Window NT users: Window NT is not aligned with Microsoft Scandisk so for that you have to take shelter of third party software.

    4) Microsoft window 3.x and MS-DOS user: If you have MS-DOS 6.2 or 6.22, then follow the below steps.

    • If you running win 3.X then click File and exit from it to get in MS-DOS.
    • From MS-DOS, type CD/DOS and press Enter.
    • Of the C:\DOS> type Scandisk and press Enter. (If you can’t run Scandisk from the DOS directory then go to the Window directory and type CD/Windows.)

    Roger Pelt, Jan 30, 2013 IP