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How to right hook Websocket information ?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by saywalaboom, Mar 21, 2021.

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    dear all

    I am developing a small program based on JAVA
    No UI but RUN
    It is used to monitor websocket specific packets (get game items at a specific time)
    When a specific packet is monitored, it will be notified

    But this packet has
    Features of the countdown timer
    After receiving, update the next countdown time approximately every 3 seconds (because of the delay characteristics of network packets and the characteristics of website traffic)

    I am currently experiencing some problems

    When I receive the packet and start the countdown with thread

    In the end, I didn't specify the time or pass something!!

    Because the time is late!! It may be too early

    Because of the aforementioned delay characteristics and other reasons

    Plus other people use (multiple simulators with simulated click to get)

    So the time I got it was late compared to others!!

    But it is also possible

    Because the game item was not distributed on the server, I got the result ok but it was empty item!! So I am early!!

    How can this be solved?
    saywalaboom, Mar 21, 2021 IP