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How to remove border & Move widget

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by master-yoda, May 13, 2020.

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    Two questions for my Railway Photography Blog page.
    1. How can I remove the border gold lines?

    2. How do I get the widget to the top right side?

    Thank you.
    master-yoda, May 13, 2020 IP
  2. hdewantara

    hdewantara Well-Known Member

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    For 1st question, through Firefox' Inspector, I could comment out rule blocks inside
    • /wp-content/cache/wpfc-minified/dg2c3gfg/4p8ps.css around line 199,
    • /wp-content/cache/wpfc-minified/dg2c3gfg/4p8ps.css line 38 and
    • /wp-content/cache/wpfc-minified/1q0bbsy4/4pla0.css line 2080.
    hdewantara, May 13, 2020 IP
  3. master-yoda

    master-yoda Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for your help.
    master-yoda, May 13, 2020 IP
  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    @hdewantara has it right, it's all over the blasted place... Which says VOLUMES about the ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude of the train wreck laundry list of how NOT to build a website that is turdpress. Something as simple as a double-border declaration being in three separate files, in specificity hell, and making it as difficult as possible to change without screwing over everything else.

    Any wonder it's vomiting up 27k of markup, 480k of CSS in 6 files, and 335k of JavaScript in 13 files to deliver less than 1k of content text, one content image, NOTHING that should even warrant the presence of JavaScript, and where there likely shouldn't even have 32k of CSS in one file for the whole site? Then people wonder why I tell them to pitch wordpress in the trash and start over from scratch.

    I mean, why else would it be so hard to find where to edit it. It's easily 16 times or more the code needed to do the job!

    @master-yoda, some image optimization wouldn't hurt either. It's painful watching that one image on the page load... though a lot of that is likely your hosting being slow since it's taking > 3 seconds to finish here when it's only 480k, but that's when image optimization REALLY helps. You've got ZERO actual compression on it, when a simple 5% lossy could cut the file size in half or more. Though, have you learned about .webp yet?
    deathshadow, May 17, 2020 IP