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How to register a Facebook Application to post messages from a windows desktop application

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by Patrik77, Apr 14, 2015.

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    I have a problems to register a Facebook Application to be used for posting messages from a windows desktop application. I need to add a publish_actions permission to be able to post messages to any page. Let me explain. The user will log in with his own facebook username and password. After that he will be able to post messages on his own wall.

    I tried to register the publish_action permission but there is no Desktop platform to select.
    I can't even pass the Facebook review process. They always reject me because I do not have an online application to be used and tested. My application is a desktop application and they do not have the access to it.

    The biggest problem is they removed the "Direct support". Now it is not possible to contact or to ask Facebook for anything directly.

    I need help with this. I still believe it is possible to register something like that. In the 2014 I managed to register a similar Facebook application with publish_action permission but before May 2014. After that FB changed some policy rules and removed windows desktop apps as a platform. After that time registering publish_action became impossible.
    Does anyone havs any idea how to register publish_actions ?

    Without publish_actions I can post only on my developer account.
    Patrik77, Apr 14, 2015 IP