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How to recover hotmail password.

Discussion in 'Bing' started by honeyclarck, May 8, 2012.

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    My friend create a hotmail account. And now he completely forgot the password and all security question and alternate email address. He said me to recover the password. I tried to recover with the help of i forgot my password link but not? Is there any way to recover password or tell any tool or software from i recover the password. Thanks in advance for helping me.

    honeyclarck, May 8, 2012 IP
  2. upbiz123

    upbiz123 Peon

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    Go to the Windows Live Hotmail password reset page.
    Make sure I forgot my password is selected under What problem are you having signing in?.
    Click Reset your password.
    Type your Windows Live Hotmail address under Windows Live ID:.
    Enter the characters from the captcha under Characters.
    Alternatively, select I can't see this image and type the characters as you hear them.
    Click Next.
    If you have provided an alternate email address for your Windows Live Hotmail account:
    Make sure Email me a reset link is selected under Select an option for resetting your password..
    Click Next.
    Open the message from Windows Live Team with the subject Windows Live Password Reset at your alternate email address.
    Follow the link under If you requested this password reset, go here:.
    If you have a set up a security question with a secret answer:
    Make sure Security Question is selected under Select an option for resetting your password..
    Type the answer to the question that appears after Question: under Secret answer:.
    Click Next.
    Type the desired new password under New password: and Retype new password:.
    Click Continue.
    Click Done.
    upbiz123, May 19, 2012 IP
  3. chinasa

    chinasa Peon

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    Thanks for sharing this information.
    chinasa, May 20, 2012 IP