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How to Rank a Keyword

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by pnika, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Search Engine Optimization of a Website starts from the keyword research. The wrong keyword selection will kill surely waste your time, money & energy. A few months back I did the same mistake. Although I was aware of SEO process, I wanted to get the good result in minimum time. So I hired an SEO agency. They started work from Keyword research and I was in continuous touch with them during the finalization of same. The SEO agency didn't consider the keyword difficulty and I too forgot the same. The result is really bad, even after completion of one month, no keyword come under the top 100 SERP. Now I am doing the SEO for my blog but due to time constraints, I am not able to continue it. Can anybody here share some easy tips to get high rank in SERP or any affordable SEO agency for search engine optimization of the blog?
    pnika, Aug 17, 2017 IP
  2. Rajesh5876

    Rajesh5876 Peon

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    SEO is one of best option to get rank on google. But it is not just it. SEO is more than rank on google. It is one of the best digital marketing technique which gives you rank on google SERP as well as if you select the best keywords for your website then it will be your best source for high traffic to market your product or service. And generate ROI for you.

    You Asked in your question that you want some easy tips to get high rank in SERP. Here I would recommend finding some long tail keywords which are always unique and get rank faster than short keywords. Selecting long tail keywords always cover short keywords and easily you can rank on them also.

    Here you did not mention in which state or country you need SEO Agency. If you need it from anywhere so have a look our website http://www.techiflyer.com/.
    Rajesh5876, Aug 17, 2017 IP
  3. Profit Donkey

    Profit Donkey Member Affiliate Manager

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    Rajesh8576 made very good point about long-tail keywords. I cannot stress enough what a difference it can make. Definitely try to implement them in your blog posts. Long tail keywords normally contain 3-4 words or even more and the phrase is very very specific and it normally ranks higher. Some good keyword tools are Jaaxy, SEMrush, but they are paid.

    Are you using "Fetch as Google" feature on Google Webmaster Tools? Fetch as Google all the all posts and pages as well as new ones, it helps for Google crawlers to index your site faster. Also, are you sharing your posts on Google+? Seems like nobody uses it, but it can affect your SEO if you have some activity happening on Google+, so keep that in mind too.

    Try to solve any crawl errors if you have any (shown on Google Search Console). Always use meta and alt tags in your descriptions and images.

    There's one really good guide that I recommend to everyone is "Beginners Guide to SEO" by MOZ. It's free to download.

    This might seem like a lot and I understood you don't have a lot of time but take one step at a time. SEO takes time and efforts, there's nothing you can do about it. Only be happy when it pays off :) Good luck.
    Profit Donkey, Aug 29, 2017 IP